Exceptional Antique Victorian Red Spinel And Diamond Ring


Silver And Blue Enamel Cufflinks


Silver Neck Chain


Plain Silver Cufflinks Circa 1950


Antique Silver Snake Link Chain


Scandinavian Enamel Brooch Circa 1930


15ct Buckle Ring Birmingham 1895


15ct Albertina Chain With Tassel


Rare 18ct Georgian Muff Chain Circa Late 18th Century With Emerald Ring On Hand Clasp


Platinum Art Deco Diamond Bracelet 37.25ct Diamonds


Faceted Quartz On Mother Of Pearl Dress Ring


Platinum Art Deco Diamond Ring .64ct


Renaissance Jewel Heraldic Swan Pendant Set With Diamonds, Pearls And Precious Stones


18ct 1ct Diamond Ring


18ct Diamond And Mother Of Pearl Cufflinks .54 Diamonds


18ct Coloured Sapphire And Diamond Earrings


18ct Gold And Silver Earrings 2.2ct Diamonds


18ct Diamond Ring 1.21ct Diamonds


18ct .51ct Diamond Bracelet


18ct Ruby And Diamond Ring


22ct Leaf And Turquoise Bead Necklace


22ct Lead Gold And Lapis Bead Necklace


22ct Leaf Gold And Coral Necklace


9ct Diamond, Green Garnet And Quartz Ring


9ct Lemon Quartz And Diamond Ring


9ct Emerald And Diamond Pendant


Ancient Ceramic And Silver Bead Necklace


Ancient Glass, Silver And Gemstone Necklace


Ancient Rocky Crystal Seal Beads


Ancient Silver Coin And Turquoise Necklace


Banded Agate And Silver Bead Necklace


Coral And Ancient Glass Bead Necklace


Edwardian Silver Locket And Chain Circa 1880


Silver And Enamel Albertina Bracelet


18ct And 2.10ct Diamond Earrings