Very Rare 27mm South Sea Pearl Pendant, Set With Purple, Blue And Mauve Sapphires And Diamonds


Strand Of Tahitian Pearls 13-14mm


Strand Of Tahitian Pearls 7-14mm


Extremely Rare Strand Of Mixed Colour Gold And White South Sea Pearls 15-19mm


Fabulous Strand Of Baroque South Sea Pearls


18ct South Sea Pearl Diamond And Black Spinel Pendant


11-13mm Gold South Sea Pearl Necklace


South Sea Gold And White Pearls 9-10mm


Long Strand Of Multicoloured South Sea Pearls, 9-17mm


Gold And White South Sea Pearl


18ct 15mm South Sea Pearl And Diamond Pendant


Keshi Pearls


Keshi Pearls


South Sea And Tahitian Pearl And Labradorite Necklace


South Sea Pearl And Spinel Necklace


South Sea Pearl And Smoky Quartz Necklace


18ct 11mm South Sea Pearl Sapphire And Diamond Pendant


Spinel And Tahitian Pearl Necklace


Citrine And South Sea Pearl Necklace


Seed Pearl And Sapphire Necklace


Child's Natural Pearl Necklace