Edwardian Amethyst And Pearl Necklace


18ct Rare Signed Masriera Plique-a’-jour And Diamond Brooch


9ct Edwardian Extra Long Muff Chain


9 Ct Natural Ruby And Diamond Edwardian Bracelet


15ct Edwardian Seed Pearl Bracelet


9ct Edwaridan Almondine And Seed Pearl Brooch Pendant


9ct Edwardian Peridot And Seed Pearl Pendant


9 Ct Edwardian Garnet And Seed Pearl Pendant


9ct Aquamarine And Seed Pearl Edwardian Pendant


9ct Enamel And Pearl Edwardian Pendant


Silver And Paste Edwardian Pendant


9ct Edwardian Aquamarine And Pearl Pendant


9ct Edwardian Tourmaline And Peridot Bracelet



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